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Classrooms and Staff

Principal Mindy Johal
Administrative Executive Assistant Maura Albano
Nurse Diane Best
Classroom Teachers
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Ms. Oh
Ms. Miller
Mr. Glode & Ms. O'Donnell
Ms. Harris
Library- Ms. Lawton
Technology- Ms. Golas
Art – Ms. Cotton & Ms. Beaty
PE – Ms. Michna & Ms. Murgia
Instrumental – Mr. Decolo
Instrumental – Mr. Shepard
Music – Ms. Picard
Music - Mr. O'Neill
Math Coach – Ms. Feroleto
Literacy – Ms. Guttman
ELL – Ms. Mackenzie & Ms. Foreman
Special Education Team
LCT – Ms. Hutchinson and Ms. Finn
Inclusion – Ms. Sherman & Ms. Carboneau
OT – Ms. Chesley
Speech – Ms. Gitlin
School Psychologist – Dr. Juarez
Social Worker - Ms. Eastburn
Building Team

Custodian- Mr. Tobin

Custodian- Mr. Marrazzo